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Liminal Playground

"Liminal Playground" is a new form of immersive theater performance that takes place in a metaverse. It combines the characteristics of site-specific and audience participatory performances, and offers audiences a variety of experiences and open interpretation opportunities through non-linear storytelling. Through a new PC-based platform, we created a variety of audience participation scenarios, quests, and experiences with varying degrees of freedom.


With performativity and playfulness as its core motifs, the show takes gamification to a new level of experience. Based on Husserl's concept of homo ludens, the show combines the playfulness of performance with the fun of games to create a unique experience for the audience. The structure of the performance emphasizes the autonomy of the audience to participate and interact in a game-like manner, rather than just watching.


The show utilizes in-house developed choreography-generating artificial intelligence technology, adding innovation to the performance through avatars, which allows audiences to go beyond the role of spectators and become a part of the performance and have a unique experience through playful immersion in the metaverse. This approach encourages audiences to be more actively involved in the performance and revolutionizes the traditional way of attending a show. "Liminal Playground" pushes the boundaries of traditional performance art and explores new forms of interaction and engagement with the audience.


Liminal Playground, Metaverse, Arts Council Korea, 2022

The performance is organized into five grounds, each with its own scenarios, quests, and degrees of freedom. There are Shadow Ground, Text Ground, Simulacre Ground, Grid Ground, and Black Ground, a transcendental space-time designed as a fictional metaphor, where you can explore the unknown with your friends. At the end of the performance, the audience is treated to a celebration with avatars that incorporate our own choreography-generating A.I. technology.

리미널_221120(일) 17시 공연.mp4 - 13.00.317.jpg

Text Ground, Metaverse, Arts Council Korea, 2022

리미널_221120(일) 17시 공연.mp4 - 28.47.917.jpg

Simulacre Ground, Metaverse, Arts Council Korea, 2022


Dancing AI MADI, Character, Arts Council Korea, 2022

Liminal Playground, Metaverse, Arts Council Korea, 2022. 11. 20. 5PM

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