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pigment print, digital media, 1,800mm*1,100mm


Tableau Vivant_Skein.jpg

pigment print, digital media, 1,800mm*1,100mm, Mcube Gallery, Patan, Nepal, 2016

After earthquake in Nepal, beautiful cultural heritage buildings which Nepal loves have been greatly collapsed or destroyed. Pain and despair remains after earthquake, but ironically, hope coexists in cracks of earthquake. This piece contains the construction of the precious cultural heritages that have been damaged by the earthquake. And there are white people like strings are tangled up on top of that scenery. The movement of the people that overcomes the present will lead our future to the gate of hope.

Tableau Vivant Series​The project’s title Tableau Vivant, means “living picture” is media art combines photography and videography. It based on the placeness, overlapping temporality in massive photographic image, using screen and accepting in the term of proscenium. With video projection mapping on the image, project gains new life.​Tableau Vivant’s process may similar to theatrical directing; project’s placeness, mediality, and theatricality can refer to directing actor or scenographing itself. It draws meditational landscape through awareness of conscious/unconscious memories. One place’s own message rearranges with the project’s purpose, and it makes another unexpected meaning.

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