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AI, participatory project, data visualization, variable installation



APAP7, Anyang Pavilion, Anyang, Korea, 2023

Poem Travel is a project that visualizes the poems and data created through the location information and mobile interaction of the audience in Gwangju Metropolitan City, using artificial intelligence ‘SIA’, which was developed jointly by SLITSCOPE and Kakao Brain. SIA was created to generate poems based on 15,000 poems it has ingested through KoGPT, a Korean-language AI platform. The audience can access the mobile web page of PoemTravel and write a poem with SIA after selecting a topic from the list including the history, geography, and culture of each region in Gwangju while exploring the streets in Gwangju physically or virtually through a virtual map of the city. The work on view visualizes the process where Gwangju citizens and artificial intelligence SIA write poems together, utilizing the data of interaction with participants and the poems generated in this process. The act of writing poems taking place throughout Gwangju creates a poetic network connecting two different spaces, the actual city of Gwangju and the virtual world composed of data, and offers visitors a chance to explore a poetic world characterized by synchronicity and duality. SLITSCOPE, who sees artificial intelligence not as a mere tool but more as an important creator of artistic works, questions through this project how creative activity and art will change within the boundary between humans and nonhumans and how humankind will survive in an ever-changing world of duality.

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